Réalisations "Systèmes"

PALEXPO Genève - "Computation of economic impacts"

ORDECSYS has developed a dynamic data base system permitting the management of  the international show organizer in Geneva (PALEXPO ) de calculer les retombées économiques to compute the direct and indirect economic impact and fiscal returns generated by the activities of PALEXPO.

CICG Genève - "Computation of economic impacts and simulation of business plans"

ORDECSYS has developed an approach to compute lthe économic direct and indirect impact and the fiscal returnrecettes fgenerated by the activities of  "Centre International de Conférence à Genève" (CICG). The system also permits a simulation of business plans and the optimization of an optimal mix of conferences and shows to program while being consistent with the proposed mission of CICG.

Genève Tourisme - "Complete cost Analysis"

ORDECSYS has realized for Genève-Tourisme an analysis of the cpmplete costs for Fêtes de Genève in 2006 et 2007.

Aéroport de Genève - "Affectation of security check personnel "

ORDECSYS has analysed the need in personnel to manage the bagage security check at Aéroport international de Genève.

Office Cantonal de l'Emploi (OCE) - "Office layout to receive job seeking persons"

ORDECSYS has analysed using a queuing network model, a new design for a service centre of OCE to job seeking persons.