Training sessions in optimization for companies

In collaboration with Eurodecision, ORDECSYS proposes advanced training programs for practitioners on methods and techniques of Operations Research and Optimization :

  1. Linear Programming
  2. Robust Optimization 


A robust optimization invite (in french)



Our goals

Train practitioners and consultants in the use of advanced methods and tools for the mangement of complex systems, with an emphasis on

  • logistics, integrated resource planning and management , human resources management;
  • robust decision making in the presence of uncertainties.

Teaching is based on case studies and focuses on practice and implementation.

Next scheduled sessions

Paris Geneva

14-15 June Linear Programming
17-18 June Robust Optimization

25-26 Sept. Linear Programming
29-30 Sept. Robust Optimization

Registration fees

1400 Euros for each two-day module

Information and registration

For registration and/or additional information, please contact Frédéric Babonneau:

  • Tel + 41 78 889 36 73 or + 41 22 940 30 20
  • E-mail: fbabonneau [at] ordecsys [dot] com

Download the access plan to Ordecsys


Linear Programming

Sessions on Linear Programming are organized under the leadership of Eurodecision

Session goals

  • Discover the value of Linear programming to solve practical problems.
  • Understand the principles underlying the known solution methods (Simplex algorithm, Branch & Bound).
  • Gain familiarity in model building.
  • Implement methods and interpret results.
  • Review available technologies and tools.


Airline scheduling, planning the assembly line of an automotive company, building bus drivers schedules, devising purchasing policies for a food industry, are just a few illustrative examples of the many applications of Linear Programming.

EURODECISION proposes a two-day intensive training to grasp the merits of Linear Programming to solve a great variety of industrial and business problems.

The session is aimed to engineers and consultants in charge of the design and implementation of decision support systems, or in charge of studies based on optimization models, but it is also relevant for decision makers who use decision support systems and their results.

This training session will focus on the modeling of real-life problems and on the implementation of these models through the more recent information processing and computer tools.

At the session completion, each participant should have gain enough familiarity with modeling issues, solution methods and their implementation to evaluate their potential in their own company.

Download the detail program on Linear Programming (in french)


Robust Optimization

Sessions on Linear Programming are organized under the leadership of Ordecsys.

The program is aimed to practitioners, engineers and consultants, with some experience in using Linear Programming to solve real-life problems, but who wish to extend their models to account for uncertainties and risk.

Session goals

After program completion, the participants will be able to implement a simple and efficient method for linear programming models of decision under uncertainty, after having effectively solved some real examples. The training session will help them to

  • Track and formalize uncertainty in their real-life problems.
  • Incorporate uncertainty in a Linear Programming model.
  • Master the logic and principles of Robust Optimization to build solutions that are robust against uncontrolled variations.
  • Learn how to formulate and solve a robust version of a linear program.
  • Use Monte-Carlo simulation to gauge the value of a robust solution.
  • Review existing tools for Robust Optimization.


To learn the principles and methods, the participants will be asked to solve some typical problems like i) plant and warehouse location under uncertain distribution costs; ii) determining an optimal mix when the constituent contents of the raw materials lie within some uncertainty range; iii) planning production under uncertain inventory costs; iv) managing a portfolio to ensure a minimum revenue with sufficient probability; v) planning production with uncertain demands. The prerequisite to the session is some familiarity with Linear Programming (formulation, interpretation of results, basic understanding of duality). The session on Linear Programming organized by EURODECISION is an ideal preparation.

At the session completion, the participants will have realized that neglecting uncertainty in some models may lead to disastrous proposals. Conversely, they will have learned how to implement Robust Optimization, a simple and efficient method to deal with uncertainty.

Download the detail program on Robust Optimization (in french)