ORDECSYS develops Optimization-based applications. The optimization models proposed by ORDECSYS deal with logistics, energy-environment management, business plans and risk management. In particular ORDECSYS develops, distributes and maintains the suite OBOE to perform Oracle-based optimization.


ORDECSYS specialty

ORDECSYS proposes methods for Systems optimization with one or several agents, with or without uncertainty. ORDECSYS knows how to optimize large-scale systems that intervene in logistics, risk management, optimum design, energy modeling and environmental management.


The suite OBOE is an advanced tool that solves convex optimization problems via an oracle-based method. OBOE is available for academic or industrial use.

OBOE at work

OBOE is well adapted to solve difficult optimum design problems. OBOE can handle the large scale associated with many scenarios in risk management models. OBOE can be used to link optimization and simulation modules in complex assessment models.

The scope of OBOE

OBOE implements the efficient Analytic Center Cutting Plane Method (ACCPM) to solve non-differentiable optimization problems. ACCPM is particularly useful for implementing large scale decomposition techniques and, more generally, for developing column generation algorithms.