New Project GICC 2010

The project submitted to the GICC program by ORDECSYS, KANLO and the OREMIP from Toulouse has been accepted by the MEEDDAT. The project is untitled "ETEM-AR: Modéliser l'atténuation et l'adaptation dans un plan climat territorial".

TOCSIN website online

ORDECSYS is a member of the TOCSIN project (6th european framework program) that evaluates climate change mitigation options in China and India and the conditions for strategic cooperation on research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and technology transfer with the European Union. The website of this project is now online at

New contract with EDF

ORDECSYS will conduct a study concerning the use of robust optimization for Asset-Liabiliy management. 

New Project GICC 2009

The project submitted to the GICC program by ORDECSYS, KANLO and the Open University has been accepted by the MEEDDAT. The project is untitled "Système intégré de suivi et d'évaluation des négociations sur le climat à partir de COP-15".

New Collaboration with CORE

ORDECSYS begins a research collaboration with Prof. Thierry Bréchet from the CORE (Center for Operations Research and Econometrics) of the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique.

This research plan deals with the aspects of optimization and uncertainty in the field of environmental economics and management.

Contract with Orange Labs

 The contract with ORANGE Labs has been carried out with success. ORDECSYS has delivered a prototype software to optimize transmission capacities on a network with uncertain demands.

New website: ORDECSYS apps

On September the 12th, ORDECSYS has launched his applications website. You can test online GASDECSYS, DET2STO, OBOE and NeatWork:

Semi-Plenary Lecture at CLIAO September 9-12 Cartagena Colombia

Alain Haurie has given a semi-plenary lecture on the topic Stochastic Control and Differential Game models for the Timing of
Climate Policies
at the XIV CLAIO (Latin America Conference on Operations Research), Cartagena; Sept. 9-12, 2008.

Cocktail at ORDECSYS

Friday 27 of June at 17h30 ORDECSYS celebrates the opening of its office at 5 rue du Gothard, Chêne Bourg, with friends and collaborators.

Training sessions with EURODECISION

ORDECSYS organizes, with EURODECISION, training sessions on linear programming (LP) and robust programming (RP). The training sessions will take place at Paris in may the 13th and 14th for LP and the 22th and 23th for RP. The sessions at Geneva will be done in june the 12th and 13th for LP and the 16th and 17th for RP. The PL training will be taught by EURODECISION and the RP tranings by ORDECSYS.